Our overall aim as a business is to combine high quality, sustainable homes with excellent customer service.  Our company ethos, The Miller Difference, encapsulates our commitment to quality, innovation and care throughout the entire customer journey.  The Miller Difference is about trust, continually raising standards, and keeping our customers involved at every step of the customer journey.  It reinforces our long-standing ethos of creating great communities for future generations; and of simply creating a better place.

Our customer charter sets out how we will deliver an outstanding customer experience.  We are proud to be achieving that day-in, day out, as such our commitment has been recognised with 93% of our own customers stating they would recommend us.

To ensure our homes are fit for the future and offer both the desired style and functionality, we combine creativity and innovation with expert design and high quality craftsmanship, with customer feedback playing an important role in helping inform the design process. 

Residential housing has its most significant environmental impact whilst it is occupied and the risks of this are carefully considered during the land selection, planning and design processes.  Before any land is acquired for development, flood risk and biodiversity impact assessments are undertaken with appropriate mitigation measures carried out if required. 

Home energy efficiency is maximised through a ‘fabric first’ approach to design and the careful selection of construction materials in order to minimise whole-life carbon emission.

Energy efficient design is complemented with A rated appliances (or higher) and, in some instances, low carbon/renewable technologies to help enhance the benefits of buying a new build by further reducing energy bills.   Monitoring energy usage is made easy for our customers through the installation of smart electricity and gas meters as standard.

Place-making and integration and/or creation of communities are vitally important and are enriched through the considered selection of location for each of our developments.  In addition, the layout of each development is cognisant with industry leading standards, with all schemes internally assessed against Building for Life 12.  95% of our current developments are located within 500m of a public transport node.