Home Building Skills Pledge

Miller Homes is a signatory of the Home Building Skills Pledge, an initiative developed by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) through its Home Building Skills Partnership in recognition of the need for the industry to work together to tackle the nationwide home building skills shortage and future proof workforce skills.

As a signatory of the pledge, Miller Homes is committed to working with its subcontractors to recruit and train more people to the highest standards through a set of five key actions:

  1. Collaborate and share - We will work with the industry to share best practice across attraction, recruitment and skills development.
  2. Train to a standard - We are committed to ensuring that all of our workforce are trained and qualified to a recognised industry standard that equips them with the skills and experiences needed for their roles, meets our business needs and fosters a more positive working environment.
  3. Engage and support - We will lead by example by committing to train all our recruits to the agreed Home Building Skills Partnership developed standards for their roles, and actively support our sub-contractors to do the same on an ongoing basis. 
  4. Champion diversity and inclusion - We are committed to recruiting a more diverse workforce to assist in improving the skills gap facing our industry, ensure breadth of thinking and that the sector is recognised for being inclusive and progressive.
  5. Promote careers We are committed to promoting home building as a primary career choice with well understood career paths, exceptional training, qualifications and prospects, through the way we attract and actively develop our workforce.

For more information about the Home Building Skills Pledge visit: https://www.hbf.co.uk/policy/home-building-skills-partnership/home-building-skills-pledge/